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1 Barber, 1 Cameraman, 5 Continents,12 months. Discovering the history and secrets of barbering worldwide.

I have some nice plans for this photo of one of the worlds most famous barbers at the @thenomadbarbershop just head to youtube and search for the worlds greatest head massage and you’ll soon see why he’s famous! #thenomadbarber
All the boys are helping me out @liamthebarber @doukeshi @thenomadcameraman making big progress! And @retrobelmonts have just been in to size up our amazing new work stations and picked up our chairs! #thenomadbarber @thenomadbarbershop CHAOS
I wasn’t sure about going to salon international but now I’ve just made finalist into the HJ barber of the year comp I guess I’m going to have to aren’t I? Haha #thenomadbarber
Just like @charlyhustle told me #nohustlenoprofit me and @liamthebarber have basically gutted the shop out and are now getting ready to paint! @thenomadbarbershop #thenomadbarbershop
Day 1 of the refurb starts today! Gutting the shop with @liamthebarber the new barber and onsite handyman #thenomadbarber
Picked up the keys to the new @thenomadbarbershop yesterday and popped down with @liamthebarber to evaluate all the headache we are about to go through haha! Work starts Monday and hopefully opening October time!!! Can’t wait! #thenomadbarber
One of my favourite photos to date! Not only is it in Liverpool but it’s cutting my best friends hair, my dad! Had such a great time being back home! #thenomadbarber
While working at @cutthroatpete I was welcomed by my 3 very handsome nephews who love watching the episodes. Kaid even asked for a massage after his haircut so he’s well into his barber trips already! They all loved their cuts and it was great to hang out with my boys in the barbershop! #thenomadbarber
Having a wander through town on my way back to london and popped in to say hello to the lads @barberbarberuk in Liverpool! Just our luck that the train was diverted and we’re not getting into London until around 2 hours later! #thenomadbarber @mrfuckinbaba lovely shop!
This afternoon I got to cut my dads hair in my hometown down in the #albertdock was a great moment being back and I had a great time working @cutthroatpete store! THE NOMAD BARBER UK TOUR SPONSORED BY @officiallayrite and @truebarberproducts #thenomadbarber
Chilling down at @cutthroatpete barber store again today cutting out of @retrobelmonts lovely chair! Back to London tonight for more chaos! THE NOMAD BARBER UK TOUR SPONSORED BY @officiallayrite and @truebarberproducts #thenomadbarber
Chilling down at @cutthroatpete barber store in my hometown of Liverpool! Having a great time before I head back for more crazy times in London tomorrow! Two no shows today though ๐Ÿ˜–! THE NOMAD BARBER UK TOUR SPONSORED BY @officiallayrite and @truebarberproducts #thenomadbarber
Just landed down at @cutthroatpete barber store in my hometown! Big thank you to @retrobelmonts for lending me this lovely chair to cut hair out of while I’m here! Quality work! THE NOMAD BARBER UK TOUR SPONSORED BY @officiallayrite and @truebarberproducts #thenomadbarber
Cliff cutting at #giantscauseway in Northern Ireland! Another busy week getting the keys to the new shop @thenomadbarbershop chopping away all day today then back to Liverpool for more of the uk tour! #thenomadbarber
I really need some good guys to help me revamp the shop! I can pay or offer haircuts depending on the job! Simple work needed so if you know anyone who’d be interested or you’re just really handy please get in touch #thenomadbarber