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1 Barber, 1 Cameraman, 5 Continents,12 months. Discovering the history and secrets of barbering worldwide.

Nothing worse than cutting someone’s hair and they start chatting on the phone. Worst of all when it’s a fellow barber @klipperkem #thenomadbarber

Repost - The Chilean barber shave is now live if you want to see how a Latin barber gets down please head over to my channel some great news today, I found a lovely new house in hackney :) so as soon as I’m in there I’ll be working away on the last few episodes for you. Is everyone having a nice Easter? #thenomadbarber
@barberconnect the biggest event in the uk barbering world is just weeks away and I’m so happy to be sharing the stage with friends! Please get your tickets ASAP for the event and don’t miss out @barberconnect sponsored by @barberblades! Who’s coming to my seminar at 4pm? I’ll also have a stall with people cutting and selling prints and t shirts! Join the party! #thenomadbarber #barberconnect
Funny photo from @thefit_barber of me and @anthonythebarber916 having a laugh at the #ctbarberexpo still can’t believe how many amazing people I got to network with that day! Currently editing a new shave video and I’ll be starting on the New Zealand episode with a coffee in the morning while looking for a place to live haha #thenomadbarber
Apologies for falling off the face of the earth! Back to the craziness of London Town! I’ve got some amazing amazing plans coming up and still lots of photos to upload from the trip as well as some episodes ready to be edited! Bare with me :) in the meantime if you’re interested in Video work please email me and I’ll also be interested in some guest work! Just shoot me an email and we can chat about anything #thenomadbarber
It was an absolute honour for me to be judging the shear talent comp at the #ctbarberexpo there was some amazing talent and a couple really caught my eye! Well done to everyone who took part let me tell you it was very very close. Photo credit goes to @thefit_barber thanks bro #thenomadbarber
Another great shot cutting my other little cousins hair in chile last week! #thenomadbarber
Here’s a shot cutting my little cousin @_baastiian in the yard last week! Back to basics from mountain tops! Wearing that #stayfresh cap a gift from @ceehazthebarber #thenomadbarber #chile

Had such a great time at the #ctbarberexpo totally humbled to have so many barbers come and take a photo with me it makes it all worth it! Thank you to everyone at the event and the legend @jay_majors driving back was great BECAUSE IM HAPPY! @klipperkem @sugarskulls @thenomadcameraman #thenomadbarber

The #ctbarberexpo wouldn’t be the same without some haircuts in the lobby with @therealbarberizm wahhhhhh awesome #thenomadbarber
On our way @anthonythebarber916 @sugarskulls @klipperkem @thenomadcameraman #ctbarberexpo #thenomadbarber
Getting my two month old hair trimmed by @klipperkem at @jay_majors shop in CT! Can’t wait for event and pre party but first, sleep! Haven’t slept at all with flying from Peru overnight! #thenomadbarber
Another great shot at peluqueria para hombres a couple weeks back in Santiago! We have been in Lima today and it’s sad because we didn’t get to film in Peru while here as my operation delayed our return for the connecting flight! The good news is we fly to NYC in a couple of hours and driving to CT for the big event! Who’s coming? See you soon @anthonythebarber916 @sugarskulls @klipperkem @officiallayrite @jay_majors  #thenomadbarber
Sorry for the delay in news photos, this was taken a few weeks ago at Peluqueria para Hombres en Santiago de Chile! Such a cool little shop! Tonight we fly overnight courtesy of @jay_majors for the CTB barber expo! We will be at the pre party and all day on the Sunday! Be sure to follow @thenomadbarberlondon too as we will be launching over the next few months! See you soon USA! #thenomadbarber #thenomadbarberlondon
Told my little cousins I’d put them on Instagram and they were waiting for me to come and cut their hair! The last time I cut them was in 2006! @diegopalmhenr__ if you don’t go and follow them atleast give them a few likes :) #thenomadbarber #independencia #santiago #chile